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Our wines are created in the hope of planting the seeds of appreciation for people that have touched our lives and yours. Our two flagship wines have big shoes to fill.


This complex white blend, Christina
was named after our grandmother
who is a true lady of stature
and grace, with an irresistible
zest for life.

  • 50% Sauvignon Blanc
  • 30% Nouvelle
  • 17% Chenin Blanc
  • 3% Viognier

This well balanced red blend, John David
was named after our late grandfather -
a man of great character and virtue,
but who also had great big hugs,
stories and belly laughs.

  • 46% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 36% Pinotage
  • 18% Shiraz
  • 18% Shiraz



We aim to create wines that are interesting, but not overly complex. Drinking our wines should be a fun and enjoyable experience, so when you feel like finishing the whole bottle – you can!

“A good wine brings people together, but a great wine keeps people together.”
  We’re not sure if it was an old wine lover that imparted this particular wisdom, or whether we just made it up one day while lovingly sampling one of our signature blends. Either way, for us this rings true – as it’s our shared love of exceptional wine that shaped the course of our destiny…
We achieve this by layering cultivars that complement each other. With a little bit of winemaking magic, the unique flavours of these complementing cultivars then fuse into the ultimate wine experience.



We’re proud of the fact that our wines are best enjoyed with good food and great company. Want to taste it like a pro? Here are a few wine tasting tips.


Christina is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc (50%), Nouvelle (30%), Chenin Blanc (17%) and Viognier (3%). The wines are selected from the Stellenbosch and Wellington wine regions.

The backbone of the wine is a typical vibrant Sauvignon Blanc with notes of capsicum. Nouvelle is a proudly South African varietal that enhanced the crisp, freshness of the Sauvignon Blanc. The Chenin Blanc delivers the soft acidity and tropical character, while the Viognier adds complexity and a lingering aftertaste.

Enjoy with fresh garden salad and seafood or serve chilled or on her own.

Christina is made to enjoy now, although with proper storage, she will keep for many years.
John David

John David is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (46%), Pinotage (36%) and Shiraz (18%). This wine has a distinctive South African personality, plenty of character and balance. The wines are selected from the Stellenbosch, Wellington and Durbanville wine regions.

Cabernet Sauvignon brings elegance to the wine, whilst Pinotage is a proudly South African varietal that gives this blend a vibrant colour and lingering berry mid pallet. The clever use of small oak barrels ensure that the Shiraz complements the rich mocha flavours.

Enjoy with flame grilled fillet, creamy pasta or when unwinding after a long day.

John David is made to enjoy now, although with proper storage, he will keep for many years.



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2010 turned out to be a big year for us. It was shortly after celebrating our twin boys’ third birthday that we started “blending” our dreams into reality.
Since we are both winemakers, our vision was clear:
Making use of interesting and unique varietals to produce one-of-a-kind blends
that signified what we believe a great wine should taste like.

We stumbled upon the name Agaat while searching for the perfect name for our new ‘baby’. We soon learnt that Agaat was just waiting for us to find it…


Agaat is a semi-precious gemstone created by concentric layers of mineral salts. It was the mention of all those layers that really brought it home for us, as that’s exactly how this undertaking has been. Our dream of creating incredible and unique wines was brought to life layer for layer through the help and support of family and friends, who each contributed their own little layer to our story.


Furthermore, it’s also believed that the stone enhances creativity and stimulates the intellect – which is what happens when you enjoy great wines. To our delight we came to learn that Agaat is the mythical birthstone of Gemini, the month in which our twin boys were born.


We discovered that Gemini is believed to be most compatible with our respective star signs. Therefore we adopted Agaat as our family stone to symbolise that we are all inherently connected.


  • layer for layer
  • enhances creativity
  • stimulates the intellect
  • birthstone of twins
  • inherently connected



"I like to blend wines that are like life itself – complex, with unexpected surprises."




"I am not a wine purist in any sense, I simply enjoy everything about wine – the vineyards, blending, bottling, marketing, packaging, and above all – the tasting!"

After completing a Bachelor's in Oenology and Viticulture in 1996 at Stellenbosch University, Hugo burst onto the wine making scene with great aspirations and boundless enthusiasm. His harvests in France and South Africa have earned him the title for SA Young Wine of the Year 2007, as well as several Veritas medals and a Top 10 Pinotage medal. He made a seamless transition from cooperative wine making to wine trading and marketing, yet still relished the challenge of boutique wine making.
In the same year, having attained her Bachelor's in Oenology and Viticulture from Stellenbosch University, Celeste also pursued a career in the wine industry.

Celeste subscribes to ethical wine trade and sustainable wine production.

She cut her teeth as winemaker in service of an international wine brand before her twins were born. This winemaker-mother now devotes her experience and business acumen to compliance and quality assurance in Truter Family Wines.



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